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The ultimate goal of Preston High School’s Science Department is forming the scientifically literate person, and science teachers are responsible for starting ALL students along that path. Scientific literacy should continue to develop and grow throughout the life of every PHS student. The scientifically literate person is defined in Science for All Americans as someone who has integrated knowledge of science, mathematics and technology; has a deep understanding of scientific concepts and processes; and appreciates that both the learning and the practice of science are dynamic and constructed.

In each type of science course, the Physical Setting (Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics) and the Living Environment (Biology, Advanced Placement Biology, Anatomy & Physiology), the students will focus on the understanding of concepts, relationships, processes, mechanisms, models, and applications that are pertinent to each of the content areas. In attaining scientific literacy, students will be able to demonstrate these understandings, generate explanations, exhibit creative problem solving and reasoning skills, and make informed decisions. Students will be able to find and elaborate upon conceptual cross-linkages that connect to many of the key ideas of each content area and to other mathematics, science and technology learning standards. All Honors/Regents students will take the Regents exams in Earth Science, The Living Environment, and Chemistry. Physics, AP Biology and Anatomy & Physiology or Forensic Science are electives and may be taken simultaneously. Students who were accelerated in the eighth grade (those who took The Physical Setting: Earth Science Regents) will be accelerated at Preston should they attain mastery level (85 or above) on the Regents Assessment and successfully complete the New York State Laboratory requirement. The SAT II program in Biology, Chemistry and Physics is strongly encouraged for all and required of the Honors Biology students.

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  Name Title Group Contact
Eustace Barnes Barnes, Eustace Custodian
Ayxsa Bonet Bonet, Ayxsa Substitute Classroom Supervisor
RoseMarie Brescia Brescia, RoseMarie Teacher x 652
Milagros Caraballo Caraballo, Milagros Facilities Manager Maintenance x 118
David Carneiro Carneiro, David Teacher x 684
Susan Casario Casario, Susan Secretary x 110
Nick Castiglione Castiglione, Nick Teacher
Melissa Castignoli Castignoli, Melissa Chairperson Arts Chair, F&T Arts Dept, Fine Arts Chair x 695
Sarah Chambers Chambers, Sarah Office Assistant
Sarah Como Como, Sarah School Counselor x 197
Jennifer Connolly Connolly, Jennifer Chairperson History Chair, History Dept x 628
Alexandra De Los Santos De Los Santos, Alexandra Teacher x 663
Dora Dekajlo Dekajlo, Dora Chairperson Theo Chair, Theo Dept, Theology Dept x 669
Gabriela Del Valle Del Valle, Gabriela Alumnae & Special Events Associate x 143
Rosemary DeMaio DeMaio, Rosemary Chairperson LOTE, LOTE Chair, LOTE Dept x 627
Shari Drummond Drummond, Shari ADAPP Counselor x 144
Monica Duarte-Carneiro Duarte-Carneiro, Monica Teacher x 662
Maricela Duran de Garo Duran de Garo, Maricela Custodial Maintenance
Michelle Esposito Esposito, Michelle Chairperson English Chair, English Dept x 683
Kellyanne Farrell Farrell, Kellyanne Teacher Math Chair x 678
Mario Fava Fava, Mario Director of Finance x 111
Andrea Forlini Forlini, Andrea Teacher x 698
Christine Forlini Forlini, Christine Teacher x 656
Cristina Fragale Fragale, Cristina Senior Director of Recruitment & Development x 132
Peter Gelston Gelston, Peter Teacher
Jerome Gooden Gooden, Jerome
Jane Grendell Grendell, Jane Principal x 113
John Hayes Hayes, John Teacher x 668
Kathleen Henry Henry, Kathleen Teacher x 699
Carmen Hernandez Hernandez, Carmen Other
Ilze King King, Ilze Teacher x 657
Dominique Labate Labate, Dominique School Counselor x 133
Carmen Lopez Lopez, Carmen Assistant Principal x 115
Joey-Frederick Magsambol Magsambol, Joey-Frederick Teacher
Edgar Martinez Martinez, Edgar Assistant Principal Math Dept, Science Chair x 671
Marge McEvoy McEvoy, Marge Chairperson PE Chair, PE Dept x 665
Carolyn Mooney Mooney, Carolyn Finance Associate x 127
Stephanie Mozzone Mozzone, Stephanie Teacher x 676
Patricia Muldoon Muldoon, Patricia Teacher x 605
AnaMarie Murphy Murphy, AnaMarie Administrative Assistant x 112
Ashley Olan Olan, Ashley Teacher
Shannon Ortega Ortega, Shannon School Counselor 718-863-9134
Fernando Ortiz Ortiz, Fernando Custodian Maintenance 718-863-9134
Benjamin Piacquadio Piacquadio, Benjamin Other x 199
AnnaMaria Rella Rella, AnnaMaria Administrative Assistant x 148
Angelique Rodriguez Rodriguez, Angelique Admissions & Recruitment Associate x 131
Celeste Shanahan Shanahan, Celeste Other
Jamie Skrapits Skrapits, Jamie Athletic Director x 199
Christopher Teemsma Teemsma, Christopher Teacher x 285
Lynsey Tortorella Tortorella, Lynsey School Counselor and Chairperson Guid Chair x 123
Linda Trosa Trosa, Linda Registered Nurse x 129
Linda Trosa Trosa, Linda Registered Nurse 718-863-9134
Nikolaus Unger Unger, Nikolaus Teacher x 697
Lauren Van Sicklin Van Sicklin, Lauren Teacher Science Chair x 660
Kathleen Welton Welton, Kathleen Librarian x 117
Anita Wicks-Dharmay Wicks-Dharmay, Anita Teacher Science Dept x 693
Lamteng Williams Williams, Lamteng Teacher
Eugenia Wolovich Wolovich, Eugenia Teacher x 626
Craig Youngren Youngren, Craig Registrar x 196
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