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Values, Vision, Voice

Graduates of PHS will be


Women of Accomplishment: The PHS graduate, having completed a rigorous and well-rounded academic program, will be a lifelong learner able to think critically and communicate effectively in order to actively participate in a democratic society and take on a leadership role in her profession.

Women of Faith and Compassion: The PHS graduate will incorporate the values of compassion, service and Christian love in her own life, based on her strong faith in God and grounded in her own religious tradition.

Women of Service to their Communities: The PHS graduate will see herself as a catalyst for positive change, able to take on a leadership role and contribute with compassion to the well-being of both her own and the global community. She will be sensitive to the needs of others and will work to do all she can to help others.

Women of Respect and Integrity: The PHS graduate is open-minded, self-aware and respectful of differences among people. She appreciates the richness to be found in different cultures and is able to discern common values among different religious traditions. She sees in nature the imprint of the Creator of the Universe and dedicates herself to respecting it and helping others to do likewise.

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