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Values, Vision, Voice


Welcome to the Preston High School Theology Department: the home for your mind and your spirit! The spiritual and academic goals of our department are complementary and mutually enriching. The underlying principle of all our courses is to give reasons for our faith and to give faith to our reason. While, in fact, each course is academic in focus, the reflective and spiritual integration in each student is strongly emphasized. Her religious heritage and practice, as well as the application of moral and religious principles in contemporary society are encouraged and nourished through course work and co-curricular requirements for retreats, service and liturgical celebrations. Particular emphasis is placed on ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue to promote peace and understanding and help the students to become active participants in building a more united world! In recognizing the uniqueness of each student and her responsibility to contribute to both the PHS and global community we encourage her active participation in developing her own faith, thus discovering or re-discovering her own religious tradition.

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    Dora Dekajlo

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    Ilze King