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Values, Vision, Voice

Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Title Contact
Scott Abel Abel, Scott Teacher
RoseMarie Brescia Brescia, RoseMarie Teacher x 652
Milagros Caraballo Caraballo, Milagros Facilities Manager x 118
David Carneiro Carneiro, David Teacher x 684
Susan Casario Casario, Susan Secretary x 110
Nick Castiglione Castiglione, Nick Teacher
Melissa Castignoli Castignoli, Melissa Chairperson x 695
Sarah Chambers Chambers, Sarah Office Assistant
Sarah Como Como, Sarah School Counselor x 197
Jennifer Connolly Connolly, Jennifer Principal x 628
Mary Coraizaca Coraizaca, Mary Teacher x 693
Jeanette Coulthurst Coulthurst, Jeanette Teacher x 285
Alexandra De Los Santos De Los Santos, Alexandra Teacher x 663
Dora Dekajlo Dekajlo, Dora Chairperson x 669
Gabriela Del Valle Del Valle, Gabriela Alumnae & Special Events Associate x 143
Rosemary DeMaio DeMaio, Rosemary Chairperson x 627
Tiffany Dineen Dineen, Tiffany Teachers Aide
Maria Doroni Doroni, Maria ADAPP Counselor
Maricela Duran de Garo Duran de Garo, Maricela Custodian
Michelle Esposito Esposito, Michelle Chairperson x 683
Kellyanne Farrell Farrell, Kellyanne Chairperson x 678
Mario Fava Fava, Mario Director of Finance x 111
Molly Feeney Feeney, Molly Teacher x664
Andrea Forlini Forlini, Andrea Teacher x 698
Christine Forlini Forlini, Christine Teacher x 656
Cristina Fragale Fragale, Cristina Senior Director of Recruitment & Development x 132
Kathleen Henry Henry, Kathleen Teacher x 699
Gino Irizarry Irizarry, Gino Teacher
Ilze King King, Ilze Teacher x 657
Amanta Krasniqi Krasniqi, Amanta Teacher x 628
Dominique Labate Labate, Dominique School Counselor x 133
Samantha Marrero Marrero, Samantha Teacher x654
Edgar Martinez Martinez, Edgar Assistant Principal x 671
Marge McEvoy McEvoy, Marge Chairperson x 665
Carolyn Mooney Mooney, Carolyn Finance Associate x 127
Stephanie Mozzone Mozzone, Stephanie Teacher x 676
Patricia Muldoon Muldoon, Patricia Teacher x 605
AnaMarie Murphy Murphy, AnaMarie Administrative Assistant x 112
Ashley Olan Olan, Ashley Teacher
Shannon Ortega Ortega, Shannon School Counselor 718-863-9134
Fernando Ortiz Ortiz, Fernando Custodian 718-863-9134
Benjamin Piacquadio Piacquadio, Benjamin Assistant Athletic Director x 199
AnnaMaria Rella Rella, AnnaMaria Administrative Assistant x 148
Angelique Rodriguez Rodriguez, Angelique Admissions & Recruitment Associate x 131
Celeste Shanahan Shanahan, Celeste Special Subject Teacher - SETSS
Jamie Skrapits Skrapits, Jamie Athletic Director x 199
Lynsey Tortorella Tortorella, Lynsey School Counselor and Chairperson x 123
Linda Trosa Trosa, Linda Registered Nurse x 129
Linda Trosa Trosa, Linda Registered Nurse
Lauren Van Sicklin Van Sicklin, Lauren Chairperson x 660
Kathleen Welton Welton, Kathleen Librarian x 117
Lamteng Williams Williams, Lamteng Teacher
Eugenia Wolovich Wolovich, Eugenia Teacher x 626
Craig Youngren Youngren, Craig Assistant Principal x 196
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