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Values, Vision, Voice

The History Department encourages our students to be aware of multi-cultural, religious, social, ethnic, and global concerns. With this in mind, we work toward facilitating an appreciation among our students for cultures different from their own and toward generating the understanding that the world is a “global community.”

Our goal is that each student, by graduation, will be able to locate countries on a map or globe; identify major problems and solutions in an area or region; compare cultures, religious beliefs, social customs, and ethnic differences from an historical perspective. In addition, our students will become aware and tolerant of the diversity of different peoples. To achieve those ends, the students will apply political, social and economic principles to other areas or regions; utilize a decision-making process to solve problems; use historical data to test their feelings and biases; and use computer technology for both research and presentation of projects. As these ends become realities, the students will engage in the work of a scholar—research, writing, analytical reading, identification of causes and effects, and problem solving.

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