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Values, Vision, Voice



Dear Preston High School Student Applicant and Parent,

We are so delighted that you chose to visit our website to learn more about becoming a PHS student. Whether you are a middle school student looking for that perfect high school, a high school student looking to transfer for a different high school experience, or a parent hoping to find information that would make this tough choice easier, we are glad you came.

Join us for our Open House as we celebrate over 75 years of empowering young students to become compassionate leaders for change in their world.

Our PHS community of students comes from over 70 different public and private elementary and middle schools from all over the Bronx, Queens, Westchester, and Manhattan, with students from all backgrounds, religions and races. While many of our students come to us as honor roll students, student council presidents, and sports MVPs, others come to us because they want the opportunity to develop their own identity and their particular strengths and passions in a supportive environment. In any case, this means great things for you if you decide to join our community because you will be in great company. You will have peers who will motivate you academically, influence you to make wise decisions socially, and encourage you to be compassionate leaders for change in the world.

If you would like more information or to set up an appointment to visit, call or email Ms. Rodriguez in the Recruitment Office at 718-863-9134, ext. 131 or 

Mrs. Cristina Fragale

Senior Director of Recruitment and Development

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