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Values, Vision, Voice
Barbra McMurray, LMSW, President
Child Welfare Consulting Services
Cassandra Aquart '96
Public Relations & Communications Specialist
Kasowitz Benson Torres, LLP
Laura DeMaria-DeMattia '92
Director-Provider Services
Montefiore, CMO
Sr. Laura Donovan, RDC
Religious of the Divine Compassion
Tanya Douglas
Director of the Disability Advocacy Project (DAP) and
Veterans Justice Project Coordinator
Manhattan Legal Services (MLS) a program of
Legal Services NYC (LSNYC)
Judge Doris Gonzalez
Chief Administrative Judge of the
Supreme Civil Court of the Bronx
Lorrin Johnson
Barnard College, Columbia University Professor
Janice Caserta Mastropietro, PHS ‘80
Teacher & Campus Minister
Villa Maria Academy
Donna Spitz '77
Haymarket Media
Chief Financial Officer
Sr. Carol Wagner, RDC '69
LCSW Individual & Family Psychotherapy
PCC Director of Counseling, Spirituality, Mission
& Charism Services
Julia Wall
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
Kent Place School
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