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Values, Vision, Voice

July 10th - July 28th

Monday – Thursday 9am — 2:00 pm

     Cost $350.00

(After June 24th a $50.00 late fee will be applied)

     Register Here


Includes TACHS prep book and all supplies.  

Lunch is provided.

About the Program for 7th & 8th Grade students

Preston High School’s Reach for Excellence program was developed to prepare ambitious middle school students for high school success.  Our program provides students the opportunity to enrich their academics while exploring possible career interests.

Our STEM classes immerse students into the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through games and practical learning experiences. 

The Math class will review skills needed for the TACHS exam as well as present math concepts in a fun and engaging manner.

The History class examines various time periods while in the afternoon mock trial workshop, students learn the process of a trial. Students will study a case and participate in all aspects of a mock trial.

The English class reviews skills needed for the TACHS exam.  Classes may include a drama workshop, Greek Mytholgy and creative writing.

The Language and Culture part of the program provides an opportunity to learn the beginnings of a new language as well as developing an appreciation for culture and traditions.

The Art classes provide an opportunity to explore their creative side.  Art helps develop project management skills, different hands-on abilities, a sense of pride and achievement as well as time management skills.  

During the Video Production seminar, students meet in our studio where they are introduced to filmmaking: from interviewing skills and camera functions to editing and post-production music and graphics.  Video production is a collaborative effort that requires many skill sets.