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Scholarships, Grants, Aid, & Other Tuition Discounts


To help our families meet the costs of a private education, we offer tuition discounts.  Preston defines a tuition discount as any credit that reduces tuition from the published rate.  For the 2023-24 academic year, tuition is $11,995.  Tuition discounts awarded and funded by Preston fall into seven (7) categories:

Academic Scholarship (merit-based).  Academic scholarships, full and partial, are awarded to an incoming student based upon her performance on the TACHS exam and middle school academic record.  This is a 4-year award as long as she maintains a minimum 90.00 GPA and tuition & fees remain current.  Academic scholarships cannot be combined with any other Preston-awarded tuition discounts, except the Sibling Discount.

Monsignor Thomas Preston Award (merit-based).  $4,000 to incoming students who have demonstrated strong performance on the TACHS exam and in middle school and show promise of continued academic excellence and leadership in high school.  This is a four-year award as long as the student maintains a minimum 85.00 GPA and tuition & fees remain current.  The Monsignor Thomas Preston Award cannot be combined with any other tuition discounts, except the Sibling Discount, including external sources such as, but not limited to, Inner City, SSP, Columbus Citizens, and various school and memorial scholarships.

Mother Mary Veronica Grant (service-based, freshman year only).  This grant is awarded to incoming students who establish qualifying service during their middle school years. The MMV grant is $3,000 and cannot be combined with any other Preston-awarded tuition discounts, except the Sibling Discount.

Financial Aid (need-based).  We continue our financial aid program to families of our students which demonstrate need.  An application must be made every year for which you seek financial aid; the application can only be made directly from your FACTS tuition account by clicking on the “Apply for Grant & Aid” link on your landing page.  For 2024-25, the application deadline for rising upperclasswomen is April 30, 2024 and there is a $40 fee, payable directly to FACTS.  An application is not complete and will not be considered without the required 2023 tax documents (Federal Form 1040, or equivalent, and W-2 wage statements).  If your tuition is in arrears as of April 30, your application will not be considered.

For incoming students (Class of 2028), the deadline is December 31, 2023.  The 2022 tax return (Federal Form 1040 or equivalent and all W-2s are required as part of a completed application.

There is no way to determine in advance if you will receive financial aid, since we consider individual factors, extenuating circumstances, availability of funds, and the number of families applying for aid.  You will be notified directly by the School by no later than Monday, May 13, 2024 in every case, i.e., whether we have granted an award or your application has been rejected.  The award will be posted to your FACTS tuition account by the end of May in time for your June 2023 tuition installment payment.  Financial Aid cannot be combined with any other Preston-awarded tuition discounts, except the Sibling Discount.  It can, however, be combined with external sources of funds.

Legacy Discount.  Students whose mother, grandmother, or legal guardian is a Preston graduate are eligible to receive a $1,000 discount.  The Legacy Discount cannot be combined with any other Preston-awarded tuition discounts, except the Sibling Discount. 

Archdiocesan (ADNY) Employee Discount.  Students whose parent or legal guardian is employed full time by the New York Archdiocese are eligible to receive a $1,000 discount.  Proof of full-time employment in the ADNY must be submitted for the academic year.  Proof is defined as an original letter on letterhead from the Principal, or the equivalent, and a copy of the most recent employee paystub.  There is a limit of one (1) employee discount per qualifying household.  The ADNY Employee Discount cannot be combined with any other Preston-awarded tuition discounts, except the Sibling Discount. 

Sibling Discount.  Families with more than one daughter attending Preston during the same academic year are eligible to receive a $750 discount for each additional sibling. The discount will be applied to the tuition account of the eldest sibling and will remain in effect until the withdrawal or graduation of the eldest sibling.

External Assistance includes, but is not limited to, Inner City Scholarship (e.g., Be A Student’s Friend, The High School Award, Christine and Stephen Schwartzman Scholars, Gilhooley Scholarship, Kids Are Our Capital, Emergency Tuition Assistance), Bronx Charter School for Excellence Award, Community Connections Scholarship, Columbus Citizens Foundation Award, and the Tri-State Italian-American Scholarship.  Preston is pleased to continue its partnership with Student Sponsor Partners.  Please visit for an application and additional information.  

The sum of tuition discounts, both Preston-awarded and external third-party, cannot exceed the amount of tuition.  In the event the combined tuition discounts exceed tuition, then Preston will reduce its award(s) accordingly.  At a minimum, the family is fully responsible for the general and all other fees and incidental expenses.  In most cases, Preston is required to report your total tuition assistance to third-party foundations, in accordance with the terms of your scholarship.  This may result in the reduction of one or more of your awards so that the combined assistance does not exceed the tuition portion of your total tuition and fees.