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Dora Dekajlo

Dora Dekajlo
Dora Dekajlo
Phone: x 669
Groups: Theo Dept,Theology Dept,Theo Chair

Mrs. Dekajlo became fascinated with the study of Theology when she was an undergrad student in Fordham University.  At Fordham College at Lincoln Center, she earned a B.A. in Religious Studies.  A Hebrew Scriptures professor inspired her to continue to do graduate work, and she got her M.A. in Old Testament Theology from the Fordham Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.  Till this day, she is happiest when the topic of her class includes the Bible!

Mrs. Dekajlo started teaching at Preston in 2002.  Currently, she teaches courses in Salvation History, World Religions, Sacramental Prep, oversees the Christian Service Program, and is the moderator of the Compassion Connection community outreach club.

 Mrs. Dekajlo loves the fact that Preston is constantly living out its mission of compassion.  Compassion Matters... Pass It On!

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