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Values, Vision, Voice
  • Preston High School is pleased to announce Butter Beans Kitchen as our School Food provider.

    Butter Beans Mission

    Our mission is to provide healthy food for bodies and minds through our tasty, nutrient-rich lunches, and fact filled wellness initiatives, that address the alarming health statistics of children today. We offer school-wide lunch programs for schools who want to offer hot lunch to their entire student body, and wellness education programs in and outside of the classroom.

    Butter Beans School Lunch Program

    Butter Beans offers nutritious and balanced school lunches for students and their communities. We employ a commissary kitchen approach, and serve fresh hot meals in school cafeterias and classrooms.

    We use high-quality ingredients, and all of our meals are cooked from scratch. We offer a plethora of menu options to satisfy growing children, from the most picky to the most adventurous and everyone in between. Our meals are full of whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, well sourced meats, nitrite and nitrate free cold cuts, and local dairy.

    Our school lunch program includes in-cafeteria wellness and food education initiatives that support students, parents and administrators. These initiatives inspire dialogue and help raise awareness of the many effects healthy eating has on the community.

    To apply for free or reduced meals please click on the "Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application" above, complete the paper application and return it to the main office. Families must re-apply each year for eligibility and may re-apply during the school year if there is an income change.