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Columbus Citizens Foundation (CCF) Scholarships



Preston has a very strong and long-standing association with the Columbus Citizen's Foundation because of our rigorous Italian studies curriculum.  A number of our students attend Preston on 4-year scholarships from the Foundation.

The Columbus Citizens Foundation’s High School Scholarship Program was founded in 1994 at the directive of past Foundation President Michael Santangelo, Esq. to help cover high school tuition for qualifying students in their preparation for admission to college. 

To all incoming students of at least 25% Italian heritage, a CCF Scholarship helps make a Preston High School education more affordable. It is guaranteed for each of your 4 years as long as you maintain a minimum 85 GPA and study Italian as your foreign language requirement. If you choose to continue Italian in your Junior and Senior years, you also have the opportunity to earn 8 college credits and that adds up to additional savings.  Celebrate your heritage and put it to work for you at Preston.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please take a moment to learn about the CCF scholarship requirements and the application process.

  • Students who are of Italian descent (at least 25% Italian)
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 (85% or B) or higher
  • Households where the total gross income does not exceed $20,000 per capita ($20,000 per person in the household) are eligible. For example, for a household of four, the maximum total gross income is $80,000 to be eligible.
  • Only 8th graders who will enter high school as a freshman in the Fall of 2020 are eligible to apply. Students who are already in high school are NOT eligible to receive a CCF high school scholarship.
  • Students must be citizens of the United States or residents of same status. 
  • To be considered for a CCF high school scholarship, an online application and supporting documentation must be submitted by the deadline that contains detailed and confidential personal information. It must be submitted online to FACTS, an independent financial review company that will determine eligibility based on financial documentation.
  • The CCF High School Scholarship Committee reviews and evaluates the applications.
  • The Committee invites select applicants and their families to visit the Foundation for a mandatory interview (April/May).
  • Approximately one month after all interviews have been held, the committee decides which applicants will be awarded scholarships.
  • Parents/Guardians/Applicants are notified by mail of the committee’s decision.
  • Enroll in Italian Language course(s) if offered at chosen school to fulfill their school’s language requirements.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 (85% or B) or higher. Report cards must be submitted annually to verify GPA.
NOTE: While CCF scholarships are generous, they are partial scholarships and will not cover all tuition costs.

Please click here to apply for the CCF High School Scholarship now. A fee of $35 will be assessed by the Foundation when you submit your application.  The deadline for submission is February 7, 2020.

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