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Compassion Matters... Pass It On! 10-5-22

The Compassion Connection Club is back! The biggest club in Preston kicked off their first meeting of the school year with 140 sandwiches for the hungry ministered to by Lamp Ministries and 40 candy bags and 40 cards for senior citizens from the Preston Center of Compassion! We are so happy to be back and have a strong start! Exactly 100 students were in attendance.  Let's go Compassion Panthers!

Compassion Matters... Pass It On! 10-4-22

On September 16th, the Preston High School community gathered in the gym to root for the Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball panthers.  Our volleyball players took on Maria Regina High School, in tribute to Amanda Tamburrino, Preston senior, who passed away on September 13th after her difficult battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Our Panthers ran a bake sale and collected entrance fees at the door. $3,411 were raised!   In Amanda's memory, all of these proceeds will be donated to the Westchester Medical Center for Hodgkin's Lymphoma research. As students, faculty, family, and guests sported their best purple attire for Hodgkin's Lymphoma awareness, there was not a dry eye in the gym and there has never been a bigger sense of Panther pride in these hallways!

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Compassion Matters - Pass It On! 11-17-17

November 19, 2017
By Compassion Panther

The end of the food drive is always an exciting day in Preston’s “compassion matters campaign.” In total, the Preston community collected an astonishing 10,240 pounds of food. Students spent hours passing food along assembly lines from the makeshift pantry on the stage to various pickup trucks, a bus, and cars in the faculty parking lot.

Approximately 3,500 lbs went to the Divine Compassion Food Pantry in Dover Plains, 2,000 lbs went Mercy Center in the Bronx, 2,000 lbs went to St. Raymond’s pantry in the Bronx, and 2000 lbs went to Our Lady of Assumption Pantry in the Bronx. 70 food packages were delivered to individual families. With our deeply rooted determination and passion, Preston will never settle for defeat. The charity we accomplish through the food drive every year is the epitome of compassion.

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Compassion Matters - Pass It On! 11-10-17

November 11, 2017
By Compassion Panther

With only one week left of the food drive, the Preston family is keeping their fingers crossed that their goal will be met. Preston has a reputation of generosity to uphold and a goal of 9,000 pounds of food to meet.  Every year, the previous year’s success is surpassed. Mrs. Dekajlo, moderator of the food drive, is certain 3,760 lbs will be collected this upcoming week! Stay tuned…

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Compassion Matters - Pass It On! 10-26-17

October 26, 2017
By Compassion Panther

Another week down - another 1000 pounds of food donated! The Preston community contends with only 3 weeks left of the food drive. At the midway point of our food drive, students have donated a total of 3345 pounds of non-perishable foods.  Compassion Connection members sorted and pulled out food items that will be needed to make Thanksgiving baskets and packages by Italian Club and Spanish Honor Society.  The rest was packed up and made ready for a pantry pickup. 

Mercy Center came with a pickup truck and assembly lines moved 2000 pounds of food from the stage to the faculty parking lot.   If our goal is reached, we will collect 9000lbs and get a day off from school! With the clock ticking and the goal awaiting, incentive is high and the tone in the school is a generous one!

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Compassion Matters - Pass It On! 10-24-17

October 24, 2017
By Compassion Panther

Students continue to bring in food for our schoolwide Food Drive.  At the conclusion of the second week of the drive, our donations weigh in at 1876 pounds.  A steady stream of canned soups, boxes of cereal, and bags of rice keeps coming in.  Compassion Connection has already sorted out stacks of food for the various baskets and packages that will be made by Italian Club and Spanish Honor Society.


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Compassion Matters - Pass It On! 10-19-17

October 19, 2017
By Compassion Panther

The pace is picking up for Preston’s food drive! Homerooms compete to bring in the most canned goods and bags of rice! Compassion & Connection members arrange the items of food and keep an accurate record to track the progress! It’s incredible  that in just one week Preston students have brought in 639 pounds! Throughout the course of the drive, all donated foods will be distributed among different organizations, churches, and charities.

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Compassion Matters - Pass It On! 10-13-17

October 13, 2017
By Compassion Panther

The students and faculty have started off the 2017 Food Drive on a very positive note.  Just in the first week 639 lbs of food were donated.  Compassion Connection members are already sorting donated foods, getting them ready for distribution to the various organizations that count on it. 

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Compassion Matters - Pass It On! 10-6-17

October 06, 2017
By Compassion Panther

Once the calendar reaches October, the acts of compassion officially commence at Preston High School! The Italian club crafted goodie bags to distribute to the elderly community at Preston's bingo night. Also, members sold pink tickets, including lip care items and hair extension, to support breast cancer awareness.

Preston's annual food drive began as well. Last year, the Preston community collected 8823 lbs of canned goods, rice, and other food items. This year, the standard has been set for 9000 lbs among the 482 students and 59 faculty members. Students were exhilarated by a sense of purpose and duty during Food Drive Assembly Sing-a-long!


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