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Compassion Matters... Pass It On! 10-5-22

The Compassion Connection Club is back! The biggest club in Preston kicked off their first meeting of the school year with 140 sandwiches for the hungry ministered to by Lamp Ministries and 40 candy bags and 40 cards for senior citizens from the Preston Center of Compassion! We are so happy to be back and have a strong start! Exactly 100 students were in attendance.  Let's go Compassion Panthers!

Compassion Matters... Pass It On! 10-4-22

On September 16th, the Preston High School community gathered in the gym to root for the Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball panthers.  Our volleyball players took on Maria Regina High School, in tribute to Amanda Tamburrino, Preston senior, who passed away on September 13th after her difficult battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Our Panthers ran a bake sale and collected entrance fees at the door. $3,411 were raised!   In Amanda's memory, all of these proceeds will be donated to the Westchester Medical Center for Hodgkin's Lymphoma research. As students, faculty, family, and guests sported their best purple attire for Hodgkin's Lymphoma awareness, there was not a dry eye in the gym and there has never been a bigger sense of Panther pride in these hallways!


Compassion Matters... Pass It On! 3-31-21

March 31, 2021
By Compassion Panther

Six Compassion Connection students are volunteering with an organization called Luv Michael.  "Luv Michael advocates for autism acceptance and supports meaningful and fulfilling lives for adults with autism."  Sophomore Charlotte Dagostino said, "Being a part of the Luv Michael has truly been an eye-opening experience. My mother has a background in teaching special education children. It feels good to know I am doing something good for the less fortunate."  Freshman Rhiannon Hiney has already raised $432 to support this amazing organization!  Students like sophomore Amanda Tamburrino are working to spread adult autism awareness and to raise money for this organization that gives job opportunities to autistic adults, working in their Granola company.  Thank you, Compassion Connection, for your efforts with this worthy cause.


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