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Compassion Matters... Pass It On! 10-11-22

November 04, 2022
By Compassion Panther

This year Preston's Sacramental Preparation program has 10 students! They will spend the whole year preparing for their Confirmation - which will take place at our school wide Easter liturgy in April. As with all Sacramental Prep programs, Preston's has a service requirement.  The students in the class are starting off the year working on a group project - writing letters to people struggling with homelessness in the Bronx. Lamp Ministries ministers to such individuals. Last year at a guest lecture at a Compassion Connection meeting, a gentleman who now himself ministers for Lamp, spoke about how a letter from a stranger gave him that inspiration to turn his life around.  Preston Sacramental Prep students hope to be this kind of inspiration to someone as well.

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