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Compassion Matters... Pass It On! 1-29-20

January 29, 2020
By Compassion Panther

To kick off the second semester, Human Rights Awareness Club held a bake sale to raise money for a disease called Friedreich Ataxia.  This is an extremely rare disease that causes difficulty walking, a loss of sensation in the arms and legs and impaired speech.  Human Rights Awareness not only helps to support causes that are commonly focused on, but also represents a part of the compassion driven Preston community that acts outside of what is expected. When the club gathers, they take into account various ideas and look to support causes ranging from personal to rare.  The club raised $116.46 to donate to Thank you to every person who helped do compassion and who donated money!  Compassion doesn’t judge; compassion brings only happiness and growth for those affected by its impact.  Pass It On!

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